Our team of reporters at Spectrum News NY1 gives New Yorkers a comprehensive look at what's happening in New York City. 

Unlike most television stations, NY1 assigns its reporters using the beat system often found at newspapers. NY1 beat reporters find and shoot their own stories, and are given the time to follow developments and cultivate leads.

Their in-depth reporting helps makes Spectrum News NY1 much more than just sensational stories or crime news.

Ruschell Boone – Queens Reporter
Ruschell Boone joined NY1 as the news channel's Queens Reporter in 2002.
Adelle Caballero – Traffic Reporter
Adelle Caballero joined NY1 as a traffic reporter in July of 2010.
Lindsey Christ – Education Reporter
Education Reporter Lindsey Christ joined NY1 in September 2009, just in time for the first day of public school.
Roger Clark – General Assignment Reporter
Roger Clark began his NY1 career in 2001 as the Staten Island Reporter, before moving on to the morning features beat three years later.
Erin Clarke – Bronx Reporter
Erin Clarke joined NY1 as the Bronx Reporter in September of 2012.
Bobby Cuza – Political Reporter
Political Reporter Bobby Cuza joined the political team in August 2009 after more than six years as NY1’s Transit reporter.
John Davitt – Chief Meteorologist
Bad weather sends most people seeking shelter. But not John. The worse the weather, the happier he seems to be.
Lewis Dodley – Evening Anchor
Lewis Dodley's career spans more than three decades.
Amanda Farinacci – Staten Island Reporter
Amanda Farinacci has lived in every borough in the city except Queens.
Zack Fink – Albany Reporter
Zack Fink came to NY1 as a freelance general assignment reporter in July of 2011. In January of 2012, he joined NY1's political unit to become the news channel's Albany Reporter.
Kevin Garrity – Sports Anchor/Reporter
Kevin is an original member of the NY1 News family, having come aboard in the summer of 1992.
Courtney Gross – Political Reporter
Courtney Gross joined NY1's political team in June 2011.
Bob Hardt – Political Director
NY1 Political Director Bob Hardt has been a fixture at the 24-hour news channel since 2003, overseeing NY1's coverage of state and local politics.
Michael Herzenberg – General Assignment Reporter
Michael Herzenberg joined NY1 as a full-time general assignment reporter in July 2011.
Pat Kiernan – Morning Anchor
Pat Kiernan's career in broadcast journalism began while he was attending the University of Alberta's Faculty of Business in Edmonton, Canada.
Diane King Hall – Business Anchor/Reporter
Diane King Hall joined NY1 in February of 2010 as the news channel's business anchor/reporter.
Errol Louis –
Errol Louis is the Political Anchor of Spectrum News NY1, where he hosts "The Road to City Hall."
Jose Martinez – Transit Reporter
Jose Martinez joined NY1 as the news channel's Transit Reporter in March of 2013 after working nearly two decades at newspapers.
Dean Meminger – Criminal Justice Reporter
Dean Meminger is one of the city’s most recognized reporters on the street with 20 years of experience covering news in New York City on TV and radio.
Alberto Pimienta – Washington Bureau Reporter
Alberto Pimienta joined the Spectrum News and Local Programming group in April of 2016 as a political reporter in the Washington, D.C. bureau.
Jeanine Ramirez – Brooklyn Reporter
Jeanine Ramirez joined NY1 News in October 1996. She is the Brooklyn reporter primarily responsible for covering the borough’s 2.5 million people as well as its schools, politics, religions and neighborhoods. She also is the lead reporter on many Latino issues.
Grace Rauh – Political Reporter
Grace Rauh left the world of print and joined NY1 as a politics reporter in October 2008, after six years of working as a newspaper reporter in New York and California.
Josh Robin – Political Reporter
Josh Robin joined NY1 in 2005 as the channel's Albany Reporter, and his arrival coincided with some of the state's biggest political stories in decades.
John Schiumo –
Emmy Award-winning journalist John Schiumo is a longtime NY1 anchor and host.
Jamie Stelter
Jamie Stelter joined NY1 as the news channel’s first traffic reporter in July of 2010.
Kristen Shaughnessy – Weekend Anchor/Reporter
Kristen Shaughnessy has been with NY1 since 1995 as the station's weekend anchor and breaking news reporter.
Stephanie Simon – Arts Reporter
Stephanie Simon didn’t get paid for her first job in journalism. At age eight, she started her very own newspaper entitled The Gossip Gazette.
Roma Torre – Mid-Day Anchor
Roma Torre was born just in time to see her mother hauled off to jail.
George Whipple – Society Reporter
George Whipple III was educated at The Choate School, received his BA from Columbia College in the City of New York, a JD from Columbia Law School, and attended Columbia University's Graduate School of Business.
Cheryl Wills – Weekend Evening Anchor
Cheryl Wills is an award-winning reporter and one of the most tenured on-air personalities at NY1.
Naomi Yane – Traffic Reporter
Naomi Yane joined NY1 as a traffic reporter in July of 2010.

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